Saturday, February 19, 2011

Monday, February 1, 2010

this was taken up mirror lake high way about 1.5 miles down from soapstone

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Exploring the Arizona Strip

We went with some of the valley couples down here in Beaver Dam to explore for a day. it was great to see the places we have read about. we've read 2 books about the early pioneers there and the hard life they lived.

THE NEW BABY and some of our escapades

Here are some pics of our sweet beautiful new Alonna Lynn. She arrived on her big sisters' 7th birthday. A happy even for Jocelyn, as you can see they all just love her!!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

OK. This is the third try for more pics.

Well, here goes! I will attempt to do a blog page. We enjoyed Christmas with the kids and thanks to Angelina you see some pics. We had the party at kimberli's house so you can see a bit of her beautiful home. The pics are of the talent show. It was great and I must say, we have some talented grands! Piano, art, singing, guitar and Ava's great nosework.

I will try to get some pics of the activities we are doing here in St. George. We are surely enjoying the nice weather, it is hard to realize there is snow and cold up north when we are going in shirt sleeves. We work on the temple grounds at least 2 hours daily, Mon. thru Fri. We are the volunteers over the volunteers so we meet a new group each day and we have blown more leaves than I thought could ever ber on a tree, let alone about a dozen. Next came the unusual snow that I got some pretty pictures of the temple that day. Then 2 weeks of pretty cold weather, well, colder than just a nylon windbreaker could handle. We learned how to prune the tea roses then the carpet roses. We've deadheaded many flowers and fluffed dirt around the beds often. It is very good for us and we are enjoying it much. We get in 3 or more sessions a week too. Oh, there was the shaking of the pecan trees last monday. It rained pecans mightily and we blew, raked and swept pecans into the gutters so the people could come and take them. We got plenty for ourselves too.

We thank the Lord daily for our sweet family and miss our kids and grands a lot. It is awesome to be this close to a temple. it is so accessible, there are families there reading and visiting onthe grass often and just enjoying the grounds. The visitor center is close so we've seen all the movies they have there. I would definitely go see them if you can. The pioneer miracle is great as well as Just a Stonecutter.